Through work with our client U.S. Ski & Snowboard, the Olympic national governing body for skiing and snowboarding sports, we set up Olympic alpine skier Alice Merryweather with Women’s Health magazine to speak about her battle with anorexia that kept her off the World Cup circuit in the 2020-21 season.

Alice is now in recovery, saying, “The fact that I can enjoy everyday life again is huge, because I lost that before. I’d have little glimpses of fun things with friends, but there were so few minutes of genuine joy. Now I’ll go outside and see a cool bird and it’ll give me a wave of happiness; that’s the kind of thing I’ve missed for so long as I was focused on getting to that next level. Now I celebrate these moments, no matter how mundane, because I know how far I’ve come.”

She’s still working with an outpatient team for recovery and is back training for the upcoming World Cup season and hopefully the 2022 Olympics in Beijing in just six months. Keep an eye out for Alice this season!

Read more about Alice’s story in both print and online in this month’s Women’s Health: Olympian Alice Merryweather Says Anorexia Treatment Helped Her Learn To Enjoy Everyday Life Again.