These challenges will inspire you if you’re truly bent on self-improvement.

By Christina DesMarais

Do what doesn’t come naturally

In Elevate: An Essential Guide to Life, Joseph Deitch makes the excellent point that people tend to fine-tune their strengths instead of working on shortcomings and weaknesses. However, your productivity and profitability can be dramatically multiplied by doing the hard work of leaning into what you’re not good at. Deitch writes:

Let’s face it, focusing on areas of strength gives us pleasure, while dealing with our weaker attributes is usually unpleasant, often frustrating, and sometimes agonizing. As a result, we generally don’t want to confront those weaknesses. Plus, sometimes we believe that we don’t have to look at them because we’re sufficiently successful doing what we do well, and we rationalized that we can just keep doing things the way we always have.

Not only does confronting weakness exponentially improve performance, it also bolsters your self-image. It’s because you know deep down that your willingness to do hard things is what sets you apart from your competition.

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