First-of-its-Kind Free Tool Proactively Monitors Invalid Traffic to Increase Publishers’ Quality of Site Traffic

NEW YORK – Barometric, MRC-Accredited provider of the industry’s most advanced cross-environment tracking and attribution solution, today announced the release of its new invalid traffic identification tool, Clean Score. With this free tool, publishers can proactively monitor the levels of invalid traffic coming to their sites: helping them ensure they are identifying and removing invalid traffic, enabling them to drive higher cost per thousand impressions (CPMs), and ultimately allowing them to capture more advertising dollars by providing increased comfort to advertisers regarding the quality of their site traffic.

Invalid traffic (IVT) includes any clicks or impressions that may artificially inflate an advertiser’s costs or a publisher’s earnings, and this is becoming increasingly problematic for the industry due to the recent influx of non-human botnet traffic. According to a 2016 study by White Ops and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), advertisers will lose $7.2 billion globally to bots. IVT leads to a decline in data integrity – generating waste and distrust, undermining the integrity of effectiveness metrics, and degrading the value of the advertising industry as a whole.

With Clean Score, Barometric has found a solution to this problem – proactively measuring fraudulent traffic in the form of its free and easy-to-use tool. While current solutions focus on providing tools for advertisers to combat IVT, Barometric’s tool empowers publishers to also start monitoring and addressing any IVT issues proactively to ensure they are capturing the most advertising dollars possible on their site, while giving advertisers a clean place to launch their campaigns.

Clean Score offers users a variety of benefits and reporting modules:

  • Invalid Traffic by Type – Invalid traffic comes in all shapes and sizes. Clean Score breaks down traffic by type, including good and bad bots, datacenter traffic and non-human behavior.
  • Historical IVT Rates – Clean Score plots out the percentages of IVT traffic by month and by day. These historical reports allow Barometric to provide trend analysis to anticipate what the future will hold.
  • Private Reporting – Clean Score gives users the ability to toggle their IVT report between public and private. A private report would be visible only to the publisher, while the public report is visible to everyone, including search engines. View recent public reports.

“Invalid traffic is a huge issue for new media publishers like us, and for our valued advertising partners. We see tens of millions of unique monthly visitors to our sites every month,” says Vic Belonogoff, CEO of Los Angeles-based Render Media, a leading digital publishing outfit that owns and operates some of the fastest-growing online properties in the world, such as Cooking Panda and Opposing Views. “Preventing and addressing invalid traffic is essential to maintaining the integrity of our platforms – it’s imperative that we create a safe environment for advertisers and give them real, transparent metrics. Clean Score is the best tool we have for achieving that, because we’re able to proactively monitor and address IVT.”

“Barometric is excited to share our new Clean Score tool with our customers and beyond,” said Matt Fusco, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Operations at Barometric. “We expect this free tool will provide value to publishers proactively monitor IVT fraud and understand their ranking based on the percentage of their websites’ non-human visits.”

Barometric also recently announced its official accreditation from the Media Rating Council, Inc. (MRC) for the company’s advertising tracking and measurement platform. The platform, launched earlier this year, reports on desktop, mobile web, and mobile in-app: display and video impressions (served), clicks and click-through rate. In addition, the metrics accredited through independent third-party audit include compliance with the General Invalid Traffic guide published by the MRC, demonstrating Barometric’s dedication to increasing the transparency and accountability within the industry.

Barometric’s Clean Score search bar can be accessed here: and users can also register for the company’s Fraud Reports here:

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Barometric® is the most advanced cross-environment media tracking and attribution solution in market. Originally developed as an internal tool for AdTheorent’s data-driven digital ad network, Barometric currently processes 3-4 billion ad calls per day. Since 2011, Barometric’s technology has served, tracked, and organized petabytes of data for use by brands to understand cross environment activity and gain actionable insights. Barometric is now offered as an independent hosted service offering for use with all media allowing marketers to leverage Barometric’s transparent, multi-environment methodology to measure cross-channel engagement in real-time, allowing for ongoing optimization and campaign management. Barometric is the only solution capable of collecting mobile IDs across all environments — such as web, app, rich media, video and brand studies — and matching these multiple IDs to a single user, resulting in superior attribution.

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