Leading Distributor for Independent Educational Retailers Offers CLEAN CAFFEINE®  Product to Campuses Across the Nation   

Fanwood, NJ – pureLYFT, an all natural product that delivers 125mg of CLEAN CAFFEINE® into any beverage, signed an agreement with NACSCORP to offer its innovative energy stir sticks to more than 1,000 independent higher learning retailers nationwide.

“The retailers we work with demand innovative products that serve the needs of their customers, and with so many students paying attention to the ingredients they consume, we know the pureLYFT Clean Caffeine® stir stick will be a hit,” said NACSCORP Director of Marketing and Merchandising Joan Keehan. “We look forward to working with the company to provide all natural energy to students across our network.”

pureLYFT is an all natural energy product that delivers 125mg of CLEAN CAFFEINE® into the beverage of the consumer’s choice through a patented single use stir stick, allowing them to skip coffee, sugary sports drinks and artificial energy supplements. It has zero calories, is non-GMO and provides clean energy through natural caffeine derived from green coffee bean extract fortified with vitamins A and B complex. It boasts a refreshing, neutral taste and provides the same amount of caffeine found in a 12-ounce cup of coffee.

“pureLYFT is a natural fit for college campuses. as students want all natural products that will help them stay awake and alert,” said pureLYFT CEO and Co-Founder Erik Elfstrum. “Adding NACSCORP as a distribution partner will expand the retail presence of our Clean Caffeine® stir sticks at higher learning institutions across the country, providing even more students the opportunity to energize anything, while cutting out the need to consume the artificial energy drinks that are currently on the market.”

NACSCORP helps educational retailers compete more successfully by providing consistent and reliable wholesale distribution of books and merchandise products, as well as unique and valuable programs and services.

In addition to NACSCORP’s independently owned retail partners, pureLYFT is available in more than 600 Barnes & Noble campus bookstores nationwide; at luxury hotels in multiple activation points including meeting rooms, guest rooms, spas and health clubs; and online at Amazon.com and pureLYFT.com. The product’s core consumers include health and fitness enthusiasts, athletes, college students, travelers, business professionals, and busy moms and dads, who are aware of the ingredients they consume and are drawn to all natural products.


pureLYFT® is an all natural energy product made from green coffee beans that delivers 125 mg of CLEAN CAFFEINE® (equivalent to a tall cup of coffee) into the beverage of consumers’ choice through a convenient single-use energy stir stick. pureLYFT has zero calories, is fortified with vitamins A and B Complex, and has a refreshing, neutral taste, allowing consumers to take a break from your typical coffee routine, while avoiding sugary sports drinks and artificial energy supplements. For more information visit pureLYFT.com or follow pureLYFT on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.