Co-Founder of all-natural caffeine stir stick takes on full-time role to expand company

Westfield, NJ – LYFT, an all-natural energy product that delivers 125mg of “Clean Caffeine” through a convenient stir stick, announced the appointment of Co-Founder Erik Elfstrum as the brand’s CEO.

In his new role, Elfstrum will oversee the company’s overall strategic direction, including marketing and operations. With current placement in more than 500 Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, he will expand the brand’s retail distribution footprint, with a focus in the college, resort casino, hospitality and convenience markets. LYFT is also available for purchase on the company’s website

“Given LYFT’s singular position in the market as a revolutionary, “clean caffeine” alternative to coffee and sugary, artificial energy drinks, my business partner and I knew right away we were onto something truly special,” said Elfstrum. “With my new, full-time position we are able to capitalize on the current momentum the brand is experiencing, and use the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received early on to bring LYFT to the next level.”

LYFT provides clean energy through flavorless natural caffeine derived from green coffee bean extract with vitamins A and B complex. The product has zero calories and allows the consumer to remain alert without coffee, sugary sports drinks and artificial energy supplements.

“We seek to make LYFT an integral part of the caffeine routine,” said LYFT Vice President of Operations, William Fleming. “Appointing Erik CEO allows us to dedicate the time and resources needed to grow our burgeoning business and clean up caffeine across the nation.”

Prior to his position with LYFT, Elfstrum served as a top District Manager for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals from 1995-2016. Elfstrum began his career as Mortgage Loan Officer for First Citizens Bank in Silver Spring, Md. from 1993 – 1995 after graduating from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Business, where he was also the captain of the school’s Lacrosse team. His devotion to health and fitness, along with his love for caffeine, sparked inspiration for Elfstrum, which led to the product’s creation.